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Health Insurance Glossary


A "claim" is the first step in the process of settling a medical bill.

A "claim" is a request by a health insurance policyholder to notify the insurer of a hospitalization and request payment for the hospitalization expenses incurred.

Policyholders can contact the insurer directly by calling the toll-free number listed on the insurer's website or by using the insurer's self-service claim web or app portal. If it's a network hospital, the policyholder can also visit the insurance desk for claim initiation.

  • If the medical admission is pre-planned, the claim can be filed one or two days before the hospitalization.
  • If it is an emergency hospitalization, one should notify the insurer within 24 hours of admission or as soon as possible.

Following the submission of a claim to the insurer, a reference claim number is assigned that can be used throughout the claim process.

If a policyholder requires claim assistance, they can contact their insurance agent or insurance broker.

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