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How to file a claim for emergency and planned treatments

How to make a claim if you have a health insurance policy?

Emergency Hospitalization

Emergency Hospitalization

In the case of emergency hospitalization, simply visit the network hospital desk and produce your policy number, including the name of the insurer.

If it’s a network hospital, they will intimate the insurance company about the claim and seek a cashless approval.

You may also be asked to fill out a pre-authorization request form. The hospital will help you with this.

If there are any issues in the process, you can reach out to our claims manager at 080-48816818 or claims@joinditto.in .

Planned Treatment

Planned Treatment

In case of planned treatment, you have to intimate the insurer 3 days before your planned hospitalization or surgery.

You can visit a network hospital, tell them your insurer and policy number and ask them to intimate the insurance company on your behalf.

But if you can do it sooner, you should probably consider doing that as insurance companies may take a while to investigate the veracity of your request.

If you don’t find a network hospital of your liking or if the cashless claim doesn’t pass, then you may have to file for reimbursement — wherein you pay the full cost of treatment and ask the insurer to reimburse you afterwards.

How to make a health-related claim on a reimbursement basis yourself?


To file a claim, you will need to download the claim form from the insurer’s website. Some insurers will also have an online portal for submission.


The claim form is often divided into two parts — Part A & Part B. You’ll have to fill out Part A and the hospital personnel will fill out part B. They’ll also have to sign and seal the document.


In the meantime, you have to collect and collate all the investigation and medical reports associated with your prognosis.


And finally, you will have to mail the original reports to the insurance company or upload them on the insurer portal and wait for them to process your claim.

If you need any help during the process, you can reach out to our claims manager at 080-48816818 or claims@joinditto.in.

How to make a claim if you have a term insurance policy?

We recommend calling our claims manager directly if your nominees have to make a claim, since the process can be slightly complicated.

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