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HDFC ERGO is a joint venture between India's HDFC and Germany's ERGO International AG. It offers policies across motor, travel, health and other sectors. It recently acquired Apollo Munich Health Insurance company and now has the largest network of cashless hospitals in the country. It's health insurance policies offers a coverage of 3 lacs to 75 lacs.

Claim Settlement Ratio - 97.5
 (average of last 3 years)
Network Hospitals - 11,300+

HDFC Ergo Health insurance plans

myHealth Suraksha Silver

my Health Suraksha Silver might only offer you a cover totalling 5 lakhs. But make no mistake, it offers pretty extensive coverage. It has decent benefits. It doesn't include any absurd conditions. And the only other policies within the HDFC Ergo stable, that offer a higher cover include Health Suraksha Gold and Platinum.

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myHealth Suraksha Platinum

my Health Suraksha Platinum is a premium policy. And it shows. You get a massive cover (20 lakhs-75 lakhs). No outrageous conditions. Comprehensive coverage. And extra bonus cover compared to the less expensive HDFC ERGO Gold. In summary, it really is Platinum grade.

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Energy Silver

If you're diabetic or suffering from Hypertension, then Energy is for you, considering the fact that the insurer covers all complication arising out of these chronic diseases from Day 1. However, if you aren't diabetic maybe you could look at the other options since this policy is fairly expensive.

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myHealth Medisure Super Top-up

While it is a decent super top up plan, you don't really get a disproportionately large cover with myHealth Medisure. The plan allows you to top up your base policy only by about 20 lakhs tops. So if you are ever hospitalized for a rare condition, then the cover might not suffice.

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myHealth Koti Suraksha

Koti Suraksha offers you a grand cover of 1 Crore unless you have a kidney stone, or a benign tumour, or some such similar complication at which point they will only offer you 75,000 in total. In other words it's a great plan for those who want to cover the rare diseases that can weigh heavily on your pockets

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myHealth Suraksha Gold

my Health Suraksha Gold policy covers most use cases. You get a large cover (7.5 lakhs-15 lakhs) You won't have to worry about hidden T&C's. You get really comprehensive coverage. A host of benefits to go along with it. And it's a pretty good policy overall. No complaints!

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Optima Restore

Optima Restore is one of the most popular products within Apollo Munich's stable (now HDFC Ergo). And for good reasons. It covers most bases. It's economical. It doesn't have any unsavoury conditions. And it offers a whole host of benefits that are particularly useful. All in all, a solid pick.

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Energy Gold

If you're diabetic or suffering from Hypertension, then Energy is for you, considering the fact that the insurer covers all complication arising out of these chronic diseases from Day 1. However, if you aren't diabetic maybe you could look at the other options since this policy is fairly expensive.

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Optima Secure

Optima Secure is a great policy. There are no restrictions on the kind of room you can pick, you get a healthy loyalty benefit (50% increase in sum insured on every renewal until 100% of sum insured), and the heavily talked about Secure benefit. All things put together, you can get 3X the cover you originally paid for, once the loyalty benefit is fully accumulated. In many ways, this is a worthy successor to Optima Restore.

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Optima Super Secure

Optima Super Secure works exactly like Optima Secure. There are no restrictions on the kind of room you can pick, you get a healthy loyalty benefit (50% increase in Sum Insured on every renewal until 100% of Sum Insured), and the heavily talked about Secure benefit. The only difference is that within the secure benefit you get 3x the cover you pay for (as opposed to 2x in Optima Secure). And it's only slightly expensive, available on a 3 pay option. Meaning you have to commit for 3 years minimum when you buy the policy.

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HDFC Ergo Health insurance claim process

HDFC Ergo claims can be of different types based on the hospital in which you are getting the treatment. If it’s part of HDFC Ergo's network hospitals, you can get a “Cashless claim” in which insurance company directly pays the bills to the hospital. But if your choice of hospital is not part of their network, then you have to pay the bills and apply for reimbursement claim. Here’s a brief process for both types of claims:

Cashless Claims

Inform the Hospital Desk

All network hospitals have an insurance desk. You can submit your policy copy (even soft copy works), ID proof, initial diagnosis report and the insurance desk will request the insurance company for “pre-authorization”. In case of planned treatments, you need to do this process 2 days before hospitalization

Insurer’s decision

Based on the provided documents, insurance company approve the claim and the hospital will start the treatment and they will co-ordinate with insurer for the treatment costs. In case of Cashless claim rejection, you can still go ahead with the treatment. In this case, you will need to pay the bills initially and can file for a reimbursement claim later


If your cashless claim is approved, at the time of discharge, the insurance company will do the final settlement with the hospital and once that is sorted, you are good to go.

Reimbursement Claims

Inform the insurance company

For any planned treatments, you need to inform the insurance company 2 days before hospitalisation. In case of emergency, you can inform within 24 hours of admission. Insurance company will acknowledge the intimation.


You need to submit a insurance claim form along with original copies of hospital bills, doctor consultation reports, and diagonstic reports.

File the claim

Within 30 days post discharge, you can initiate the claim online or at any of the registered offices of the insurance company. You need to fill a claim form and attach all the reports and bills.

Insurer’s decision

Based on the claim form and submitted documents, insurance company will settle the claims as per policy terms and conditions.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Renewal

Firstly, if you’ve purchased the policy online, you’ll always receive an intimation e-mail from the insurer around 30 days before the renewal date. The e-mail will have a renewal link that will directly take you to the page where you can make the payment and check policy details. And it’s done. You’ll receive the policy document via e-mail.

However, in case you choose to do it on your own, here’s what you need to do:

Visit the website

Visit the HDFC Ergo website and then go to the Renewal section here.

Enter details

You’d be asked to provide your current policy number which you can find in the policy soft copy. You may as well be asked to enter your mobile number, email ID, Date of Birth or policy expiry date.

Review and edit the policy details

Next, you’ll be able to see details of your new policy and the renewal premium you need to pay. Also, you’ll be given the option to make some changes related to sum insured, existing covered members, etc.

Complete the payment and it’s done

Once you confirm the details, you’ll be directed to the payment gateway. Once the payment is complete, you’ll receive your new policy soft copy via e-mail.

Few things to consider when renewing your HDFC Ergo health insurance policy

  1. If you want to increase your Sum Insured, now is the time. You can’t do it anytime during the year.
  2. If you didn’t make a claim in the past year, make sure you have been given a no-claim bonus if your policy offers it.
  3. If you want to add members like your spouse or kids, you have the option to do so only at the time of renewal. So do give this a thought.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent experience

I had a rhinoplasty surgery a few months ago and hdfc ergo team provided me with all the help they could. I spent not a single rupee for my surgery. My claim was filed within an hour and I got the reimbursement the same day. Once again thanku Hdfc ergo team for making my journey of this surgery a pleasant one...

Claims are easy

I bought a policy from HDFC ERGO and within 4 months tested +ve for COVID-19. I got them admitted to a cashless network hospital. I did not have to pay a single penny for their treatment. I would strongly recommend this insurance company.

Best decision

Great policies, great discounts and great coverage..

HDFC Ergo Customer Care




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