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Best Super Top-up plans for your Health Insurance Policy

Best Super Top-Up Plans for your Health Insurance Policy

Find out the best super top up plan that can augment your existing health insurance policy

8 min read
Daycare Treatment in Health Insuran

All you need to know about Day Care Treatment in Health Insurance

Understand all about Day care treatment and how to go about claiming them in your health Insurance

8 min read
Top-up and Super Top-up in Health Insurance

What is Top up & Super Topup in Health Insurance?

We explain everything about Top-up & Super top-up Health insurance plans and when should you buy one?

9 min read
Deductible in a Health Insurance Policy

What is Deductible in Health Insurance Policy?

Understand everything about deductibles in your health insurance policy and when to opt for them !

6 min read
Domiciliary Hospitalisation in Health Insurance

What is Domiciliary Hospitalization in Health Insurance?

This blog talks about how domiciliary hospitalization works and why should you prefer plans with this feature.

10 min read
Co-payment (Co-Pay) in Health Insurance

What is Co-payment in Health Insurance?

The blog talks about how copayment works in the health Insurance and what are the only situations in which you should pick policies with Co payment.

7 min read
Benefits of Portability in Health Insuranc

Benefits of Health Insurance Portability and how to transfer your policy?

A comprehensive article that talks about the benefits of health insurance portability, the process to port your policy, and the cons of health insurance portability.

7 min read
What is Family Floater in Health Insurance?

What is Family Floater in Health Insurance?

Are you looking for a health insurance plan that covers everyone in your family? In this article, we'll explain what is Family Floater Plan and why it makes sense to buy it instead of individual plans for the family members.

8 min read