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Sampoorna Raksha Supreme

TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha Supreme is a decently prized term plan from the Tata Stable. It offers most features you want in a good term plan, extends a few novel benefits and Tata as a company boasts pretty good claim settlement figures. The only caveat here is that there is another competing plan (TATA AIA Maha Raksha Supreme) that is cheaper and made available to people earning more than ₹15 Lakh per annum.


Good Claim Settlement Ratio

TATA AIA settles 98.5% of claims of the total number of claims it receives as compared to the industry average of 97%. A pretty good number overall.


Good Complaints Ratio

TATA AIA receives 2.3 complaints (per 10,000 claims registered) as opposed to the industry median of 17 complaints. Pretty good figure overall.


Good Amount Settlement Ratio

Some insurers pay out the smaller claims while declining to pay out the few higher-value claims in a bid to improve the claim settlement ratio. So you will need to look at the total amount settled as a percentage of the total amount claimed. TATA AIA meanwhile has an amount settlement ratio of 92.7% as opposed to the industry average of 87%. Pretty good figure overall.

The aforementioned ratios have been averaged over three years for every insurer and the industry as a whole.

What's good here?


Good Critical Illness Benefit

If you’re ever diagnosed with a debilitating illness, you would want your insurance policy to pay a fixed sum so that you can deal with any monetary obligations you may have. Sampoorna Raksha Supreme extends top notch critical illness protection and pays up to undefined so long as you are diagnosed with 40 illnesses listed in the policy brochure.

Survival Period

Delayed Payouts:

Payouts for critical illnesses may not be made immediately. Instead, insurers expect you to survive for a certain duration before they make the payment. And Sampoorna Raksha Supreme will pay out the benefit 30 days after the diagnosis is confirmed.

Accelerated Payout

Payout on top only:

Some policies will pay out the critical illness (CI) benefit from the total term cover available, i.e. Accelerated payout, while also offering you the option to avail it on top of the total term cover available. Sampoorna Raksha Supreme however doesn’t offer the accelerated option and pays out the benefit on top.

Waiting Periods

Short waiting period:

Most policies impose a waiting period before they make the Critical Illness Benefit available. And Sampoorna Raksha Supreme imposes a 90 days waiting period before they can process any claim related to critical illnesses. This is shorter than the industry average.

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Accidental Death Benefit Available

Some policies offer you the option of adding extra protection for accidental deaths. And while we recommend customers choose a comprehensive cover without worrying about the specifics of death precisely, Sampoorna Raksha Supreme offers accidental death benefit nonetheless.

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Payouts in the event of total permanent disability

Some policies offer you a monthly income or a large lumpsum in the event you are disabled totally for life. And Sampoorna Raksha Supreme extends this option.

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Premiums waived after permanent disability (due to accident) or critical illnesses

Some policies waive all future premium payments if you are ever disabled (due to accident) or diagnosed with a critical illness. And Sampoorna Raksha Supreme extends the waiver-of-premium option in both cases.

What's okay here?


Decent Terminal Illness Benefit

Certain policies will disburse the entire cover amount the moment you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. So even in the absence of death, you can still get the money and use it any way you wish. And while Sampoorna Raksha Supreme does not disburse the entire sum assured, you do have the option to receive a portion of your cover if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.


Top-Up Option available (As Life Stage Benefit)

Some policies extend the option of increasing your total term cover even after you buy the policy. And while Sampoorna Raksha Supreme doesn’t offer you a blanket option to increase your cover, it does extend the provision to increase your cover during significant life events i.e. when you get married, when you have kids etc. The feature is called life stage benefit.


You can recover your premiums after policy matures

Some policies return your premium after the policy matures if you don’t make a claim. However, we don’t recommend this option actively considering the option can be expensive. In any case, Sampoorna Raksha Supreme extends this option to those considering it.

What's lacking here?


No Zero Cost Option

Some insurers will return all your premiums if you forego your policy before maturity, during a period specified by the insurer. So in essence, you get all your premiums back, while also being protected under the term plan during this time. Unfortunately, Sampoorna Raksha Supreme doesn’t extend this option.


No option to increase your cover with inflation

Some policies automatically increase your cover by a certain amount (usually inflation) to always provide you with the necessary protection. Unfortunately Sampoorna Raksha Supreme doesn’t extend this option.

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