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Max Bupa

Niva Bupa (erstwhile Max Bupa)

ReAssure 2.0 Bronze+

Much like ReAssure, ReAssure 2.0 Bronze+ seems like it is the best policy in its class. Its economical. It covers most bases. It doesn't have outrageous conditions. And it offers a whole host of benefits including forever restoration (as described below). Unfortunately, the aggressive pricing means that Niva Bupa has the tough task of paying out ever larger claims while also managing to keep prices low. Can they do it? We don't know.

What's good here?


You’ll never have to split the bill

The insurer will bear the entire cost of treatment (up to the sum insured). You won’t have to pay a single penny. Meaning this policy has no co-payment.

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You can pick any room you like

Shared room, single room, deluxe room or any room that’s available. The insurer won’t nitpick on your choice of room since the policy has no restrictions on room rent.

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Pre & Post hospitalization expenses covered

No worries if the doctor had to run a host of diagnostic tests before or after hospitalizing you. The insurer has your back. They will cover this amount in full for a pretty reasonable duration - 60 days before you are hospitalized and 180 days after discharge. This includes the cost of medication by the way.

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Day Care treatments covered

If you’re hospitalized for less than 24 hours in lieu of a minor procedure, then the insurer will cover these costs too. Think dialysis, chemotherapy or minor surgeries.

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Free Health Checkups

Available from day-1, 500 for every 1L sum insured. Max of 5000 rupees for an individual policy and up-to 10000 in a floater policy

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Covers Alternative Medicine

Think of getting Ayurvedic, Homeopathic or other alternative treatments to cure an illness? Your insurer will cover you fully, up to the sum insured.

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You always have full cover irrespective of the disease

No funny business here. If your insurer hasn’t explicitly stated they won’t cover a certain illness, you can claim the full amount up to the sum insured, irrespective of the disease you’re dealing with. Meaning this policy doesn't impose the dreaded disease wise sub-limits.

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Unlimited Restoration Benefit

Even after you claim part of the cover on one occasion, you will be allowed to claim the full cover any number of times repeatedly if you are hospitalized in the future. All in the same year by the way!!!

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Carry forward your unutilized cover

Every year the policy will calculate the unutilized base cover and transfer it to the next year. So if you started with 10 lakhs and you made a claim totaling 2 lakhs, the remaining 8 lakhs will be added to your cover next year and you will have 18 lakhs (10 lakhs base cover + 8 Lakhs unutilized base cover as bonus) for the next year. This will continue until your cover totals 4x the base sum insured(carry forward unutilized cover up to 3x of base cover).

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Full coverage even if you are forced to hospitalize at home

The insurer will bear the costs even if you are hospitalized at home due to a condition or the hospital running out of beds. In insurance lingo, they call this a policy with domiciliary cover.

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What's bad here?


Long waiting period for pre-existing diseases

If you’re already dealing with diabetes, cardiovascular problems or any such illnesses, the insurer will cover all costs arising out of these pre-existing problems only after 4 long years. It could be much shorter you know? Like 2 years perhaps!

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Disease Management

This add-on will cut waiting periods to 0 days for the following pre-existing conditions: Hypertension and Diabetes. And if you are currently diagnosed with any of these conditions, it makes sense to opt for this add-on.

Safeguard +

With this add-on, the insurer will increase your cover in line with inflation every year, your bonus amount will not be affected if the claim is less than 1 Lakh in the entire year and you also get extended coverage for generally excluded items like syringes, gloves, PPE kits etc.

Hospital Cash

With this add-on, the insurer will hand out Rs. 1000/day, Rs. 2000/day or Rs. 4000/day in cash every day you stay at the hospital subject to certain limits. The cash is expected to replace your income during the course of your hospitalization.

Aggregate Deductible

If you ever have to make a claim, then you’ll be expected to pay a sum before insurance company settles the claim. This amount is called the deductible. So if you want to buy a policy at a better price, you can opt to pay a higher deductible i.e. you can pay lower premiums by offering to pay a sum (a deductible) when a claim comes up.


With this add-on, the insurer will increase your cover in line with inflation every year, your bonus amount will not be affected if the claim is less than ₹50,000 in the entire year and you also get extended coverage for generally excluded items like syringes, gloves, PPE kits etc.

Acute Care

With this add-on, you get unlimited tele-consultations with Doctors (General Medical Practitioners, Specialists & Super Specialists) along with coverage for pharmacy and diagnostics up to a certain limit.

Personal Accident cover

With this add-on, the insurance company will payout a lumpsum of 5x your sum insured, in case the proposer of the policy passes away in an accident. The payout will be made subject to a cap of 1CR in total.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. ReAssure 2.0 Bronze+ imposes 3 kinds of waiting periods -
  • 30-Day Waiting Period: Hospitalizations won’t be covered for the first 30 days of the policy unless it’s an accident.
  • Specific Illness Waiting Period: There’s a 2-year waiting period for a list of diseases which is a mandate before you can start claiming.
  • Pre-Existing Disease Waiting Period: There's a 4-year waiting period for any pre-existing disease you may have while buying the policy.
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