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Founded in 2006, Star Health is India's first standalone health insurance company. It has a suit of products catering to the requirements of individuals, families, senior citizens, and people with chronic conditions. It has in-house claims settlement team and has a vast network of cashless hospitals.

Claim Settlement Ratio - 82.01%
Network Hospitals - 14,000+
Incurred Claim Ratio - 82%
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Best insurance company

The finest insurance company in India is Star Health. They deliver services that are unmatched and uncompromising.

RRiddhi Nigam

Good policy

No complaints and good coverage.

SSoham prajapati

Not everyone can be a STAR

In India, this is the only insurance provider that covers HIV patients. Why can't other corporations take this courageous move to aid HIV PATIENTS, and why don't other companies want to help folks because of certain flaws or mistakes? Kudos, STAR TEAM

SShreeya Gupta Bhaya

True settlement

Star Health insurance is the on of the best insurance company in pan India as per the claim settlement.

LL Gangte

amazing service

I've seen the services of all insurance companies, and I don't believe there's any comparison between star health and other insurers.


Very different from rest

What surprised me more was that Star Health had no difficulty renewing my coverage, and at the same premium rate as last year. Unlike other health insurance providers, Star Health takes the chance to answer our calls diligently.

RRamdev Pandhare

Twinkle twinkle big star!

This is the best insurance company I've ever experienced. The team is really helpful and has provided me with excellent advice on how to obtain the optimum protection for my family. Premiums are quite inexpensive when compared to other private and government insurers.

SShefali Kharkar

Helpful and reputable

Star Health Insurance has changed my opinion on how an insurance company should operate. They are knowledgeable and above all friendly and helpful.

AAkshay Vijayan

Family floaters

After doing some research, I discovered that Star Health Insurance had the top policies. I prefer the Star Family Floater Policies because they provide a Floater Sum Insured that may be shared by all family members covered by the policy. My family is covered for the full amount of the policy.

HHari Prasad

Really a STAR

I've been receiving the services of Star Health Insurance for at least two years. Star health insurance has supplied me with excellent attention and support.

TTanay Nair

Bad process

Have very poor and arogant customer services and the claim reimbursement is not satisfactory.

HHarish Sarikonda

Not recommended

I was admitted due to a fever, and all of the necessary paperwork was done. In addition, I took all of the above-mentioned medications on the days that I was hospitalized. So, how come my insurance claim was denied? My claims were denied only because the insurance medical team believed that the admitted process was unnecessary for fever patients?

GGS Bagi

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Talk to IRDAI-certified experts

Health is tricky, and insurance trickier. But we’ll simplify it for you - for FREE! Book a call now. Limited slots available.