Larger than life policy

SBI Health Insurance aided me in a time of crisis when my father required emergency care, and this health insurance provided me with complete assistance and security.

JJay Gadiraju

SBI is really nice

I am very satisfied with sbi health insurance service and policy

KKL Rupani

Best in market

King of banking is offering health insurance. Because it offers a choice of health plans, it is most suited for sbi consumers. It covers both cashless and reimbursement insurance claims.

AAshwani Maheshwari

Low premium

My SBI health insurance plan has very good coverage and is accessible at a lower premium cost. I evaluated several plans and found this one to be the most appropriate. Excellent work.

NNitant Reddy

Recommended service

With SBI general insurance E- wealth health insurance policy covers the whole family including my parents and my siblings. I am having the health insurance policy with Sbi for past 5 years.

SSingh Amritpal

SBI Helath insurance

SBI is good overall insurance plan any body particular part to as you like health plan. Full family members for using a plan. Or different plans for members.

SSweta Prerna


All the steps to buy SBI health insurance from website is clear and easy. After buying, customer support call to confirm your purchase too.

NNaman raj


SBI health insurance provides slow but the best service compared to its competitors. I bought my policy 4 years back and still happy

Kkrishna saripalli

Not bad

I have a sbi health insurance plan with low rates and good payouts. The policy's coverage is adequate, and it includes accidental death payments. The ambulance is provided free of charge, and a significant number of hospitals collaborate with the sbi to provide quick service.

BBrijraj Kumar

No timely process

I had purchased this health insurance for myself, paid the premium three years in advance, and had never used it for any disease. When it came time for renewal for the 4th year, SBI did not even try to contact me, nor did they send me an email or even a text message notifying me of the renewal. And my policy lapsed.

JJatin Bhardwaj


After collecting my premium, the agent simply disappeared without any update. I was given a 15 day period from the start date until which I can cancel the policy. However, it took over a month for me to even receive the policy document.

MMridul Singhal