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Insurance made easy

With Ditto, you get the best advice on insurance. Understand your policy, get answers to your burning questions, and buy insurance, all at the same place.

Welcome to the Ditto Universe

What we do

We help you choose the best policy for your needs. We help you buy the policy. And we help you with claims if you ever have to use the policy. Basically, we do everything.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Cover your health related expenses by picking a comprehensive health plan. Try our easy to use platform to understand, compare and finalize a policy that best suits your needs

Health Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones by insuring your life with a term plan. Try our easy to use platform to finalize a plan and understand the kind of protection your family will need in your absence

Nithin Kamath

CEO Zerodha

Nithin Kamath

Why we are working with Ditto

Life and health insurance have to be the first things you get, even before you start investing. But most people get intimidated by all choices and complexity. Then there's the issue of rampant mis-selling. We've long wanted to solve this for Indians, and I'm really excited about this partnership with Ditto.


Introducing Ditto on WhatsApp

You can now chat with our advisors on WhatsApp and get unparalleled access to a subject matter expert who will answer all your insurance-related queries

No Spam ever

You will not hear from us unless you absolutely want to talk to us. All conversations at Ditto come with a 100% spam-free guarantee

Privacy first

We go to great lengths to make sure we keep your data secure and we promise to keep it that way till the end of time

DIY Insurance

Build your plan

If you’d much rather buy insurance without any handholding, try our easy-to-use platform to make a choice and customize your plan

Term Life Insurance
Health Insurance

Understand your Health insurance policy

Most policies have hidden terms and conditions buried deep down in the policy brochure. So to make sure you stay clear of unpleasant surprises, we've designed this tool to help you read your policy document in plain English.

If you already have a policy, you can check its features

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Sairam K

Already an Insurance holder

I already have an insurance, but I never know the amount of dangerous pitfalls in the insurance.


We know you have questions about insurance. You deserve to know everything before getting insured.


Health Insurance Checklist

It’s extremely hard to choose an insurance plan when you have hundreds of options presented to you. So we will offer you a customized checklist that can help you shortlist the best plan

Share your medical history with us

Specify any other requirements

And get a tailormade checklist to help you sift through the best plans

Why should you buy insurance from Ditto?

We probe customers about their past medical conditions. We give them meaningful advice on how to pick a good policy. We treat them as if we would treat one of our own. That's why the name Ditto — The same advice that I’d offer myself if I were in your shoes.

We sell health insurance and term insurance policies. But beyond selling, our objective is to make sure you understand both these products better.

Meaningful Recommendation
Complete hand holding including claim support
Buy insurance

Understand your Insurance

If you already have a health plan, you can see what it’s lacking here

Used this guide before making my purchase. Content is top-notch. Kudos Team Ditto.

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Sachin Shetty

Software Engineer

Frequently asked questions

Ditto helps you make better decisions when buying insurance. That's it. That's all we do.
We have a host of well-trained advisors who will walk you through any queries you may have and we'll even help you make a purchase. All you have to do is book a call.
Yes, it’s free.