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Think Insurance is Complicated? Well, think again.

With Ditto, you don't just compare insurance. You understand it. Narrow down choices. Avoid pitfalls and make better decisions.
The Ditto Experience

From the folks that brought you Finshots

Choosing a health or life insurance policy can be extremely overwhelming.
So we’ll tell you what we would do if we were you. And you can take it from there. Ditto!!! Get it?

Understand your Health insurance policy

Most policies have hidden terms and conditions buried deep down in the policy brochure. So to make sure you stay clear of unpleasant surprises, we've designed this tool to help you read your policy document in plain English.

Prarthana C

Thank god I talked to you guys before buying the policy my uncle suggested. You are lifesavers. Literally!!!

Sachin Shetty
Software Engineer

Wow!!! I finally understood what’s in my policy and what’s not, thanks to Ditto.

KPS Rathore
Co-founder, Indifoot

I never realized my insurance had so many pitfalls. Thank you for translating that dense policy document.

Thinking of buying health insurance?

We know how difficult it can be to navigate through hundreds of polices. So we've designed this handy checklist to make sure you know exactly what to look for in a good policy.


Advice you can count on

Ditto is from the people that brought you Finshots. And while we don't claim to be perfect, we have a pretty good track record when it comes to simplifying complicated financial mumbo jumbo.
No Spam ever
Unbiased Advice
Ditto Hotline

Need a human touch?

Talk to us and we will navigate the complex world of insurance together. It's free and we will never spam you. Pinky Promise!!!

More things coming soon

We are just getting started and we will continue to build a whole host of products to help you make better decisions. 

And if you want to stay updated with our progress, please make sure you subscribe.

Compare Health insurance policies

Health Insurance comparisons have to be meaningful. So we are reimagining this classic feature and building something different from the ground up.

Term Insurance vs ULIP

It's a question that's bothered us for ages and we want to simplify the comparison between term insurance and ULIPs once and for all.

Have questions about Ditto?

What is Ditto?
Ditto helps you make better decisions when buying insurance. That’s it. That’s all we do.
But what exactly do you do?
If you are looking to buy health insurance, we have a handy checklist that should help you make a better choice. If you’ve already bought one, we have a tool to help you figure out what’s actually in your policy. And if you just need to talk to someone about insurance, we have the best team to guide you, every step of the way.
Yes, it’s free.
We truly believe financial information should be made accessible to people free of cost. And we will go to extreme lengths to make that dream a reality.
Well, we do have plans to sell insurance eventually and there is some money in that. However, we want to make sure that we add considerable value before we get there.