Extra cover if you die in an accident?

We have lax enforcement of traffic laws. We have terrible roads and poor street lights. We have reckless drivers and speeding motorists. And as a result, there’s a fatal accident in this country every 4 minutes.

And if you’re worried about this statistic maybe it makes sense to opt for an accidental cover. In which case, the insurer pays out an additional 1 Crore to the family on top of the term cover (2 Cr.) if you died in an accident. And while these numbers are for illustrative purposes only, you can see how it can add an extra layer of security for your dependents, no?

If you pay a little bit extra alongside your base premium, your family could get some extra money and some extra protection in the event you die from an accident. But having said that, you must never reduce your term cover just because you have some protection here. That is a bad idea.

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