Seek Low Waiting Periods

The scariest thing about insurance is the uncertainty involved in buying a policy - because the moment the sweet-talking concludes, the insurer will want to talk to you about your medical history. Do you have diabetes? Do you have any cardiovascular problems? Do you have thyroid-related illnesses? Or do you have any other pre-existing conditions? The list is endless.

Once they are through with that line of questioning, they might ask you to take a few medical tests. And based off of these reports, they will tell you that they will cover your hospitalization expense so long as it's not related to your pre-existing condition. But what happens if you are hospitalized for a complication arising out of a past condition? Well, in that case, they will ask you to wait for a while - maybe 2 to 4 years. And while it makes sense for the insurer to add this clause, it can be a particularly gruelling exercise for you.

See the problem here is straightforward. Let's say you have problems with your blood pressure. You disclose this condition and then you buy your policy. Unfortunately, the very next year, you have a heart attack and you are desperately hoping your insurer will come through. However, it's quite possible that the insurer can deny your claim if they can connect your blood pressure disorder to the heart attack. So if an insurer makes you wait 4 years, you just have to hope and pray that you don't fall sick because of a pre-existing disease. And trust us, it's not a good place to be at.

Waiting periods are a common feature in most insurance policies. The only thing you can do is make sure you pick a policy that makes you wait the least amount of time.

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