Seek coverage for treatments that last <24 hrs

You are out playing a game of cards with your friends. Suddenly you feel a sharp twitch in your abdomen. It's odd, but these things keep happening to you all the time. So you don't pay a lot of attention. A few moments pass. and then suddenly the twitch is there again. This time it doesn't go away. Instead, within a moment the pain intensifies. Soon, it becomes unbearable. Your friends take you to the hospital. And after a quick inspection, the doctor breaks the news. It's appendicitis and they have to operate on you immediately.

But it's not that big of a deal. In fact, the doctor assures you that he'll discharge you the same day. And although you require some treatment, you walk out of the hospital within 24 hours. However, it's an expensive procedure. The bill adds up to ₹80,000 and you're gobsmacked. You call your insurer hoping they will cover these costs in full. And suddenly they break the news to you. They won't cover this.

You are incensed and you press for a clarification. The agent calms you down and walks you through the policy document once again - where they explicitly note how they don't cover daycare treatments. Or in other words, treatments that require hospitalization but those that last less than 24 hours. Think - Chemotherapy, Dialysis or in this case appendicitis.

Always prefer policies that cover daycare treatments. Because you never know when your appendix might put you in a soup.

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