Opt for pre and post-hospitalization care

You wake up one day and you start feeling dizzy. You consult your doctor. He prescribes a blood test. Nothing out of the ordinary, he says. So you go home with an ORS pack. But your condition deteriorates. You feel dizzy once again next evening. And this time the doctor prescribes an MRI. He checks the results and asks you to admit yourself to the hospital.

The doctor effectively treats your condition over the course of the next 3 days and you are discharged soon after.

The Hospital Bill adds up to ₹10,000

The MRI and the diagnostic tests before hospitalization adds up to ₹15,000

You are hoping your insurance covers both bills. But the company states they don’t cover pre-hospitalization expenses. Meaning they won’t cover all the costs you had to bear leading up to your hospitalization. Which is ironical because doctors often prescribe a host of diagnostic tests before they admit you to a hospital and sometimes even after they discharge you. And it can get quite expensive.

It’s always a good idea to pick a policy that covers both pre and post-hospitalization expenses. Say 30–60 days before and after you are treated in a hospital.

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