Maternity Benefits

You are thinking of having kids. But you know you'll have to plan for it in advance. The first order of business is to make arrangements for childbirth - when you will have to visit the hospital and get the baby delivered. You know getting there won't be a problem, but the hospitalization could turn out to be an expensive affair. But what if you could offset this by opting for an insurance policy that covers this cost? It looks like a solid idea. But alas… This plan has some issues.

For starters, the insurer knows for certain that they'll have to bear this expense in the event you decide to have kids. And since most people have at least one kid, the insurer will most likely have to pay up. So, many companies simply don't offer the benefit. The ones that do will make sure they are adequately compensated.

So they'll push the premiums way higher. Or they'll tell you they'll only cover a small part of the expense. Or sometimes, they'll only offer it in a family plan and make sure both you and your spouse are covered - in which case one of you is opting for the benefit even if you won't be hospitalized for a maternity-related matter.

There is no free lunch in this world. And while it's all good if your insurer does cover this expense, make sure you don't end up paying ridiculously high premiums just to avail this benefit. It might not be worth it.

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