Free health checkups every year

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon. You've been waiting for almost an hour now and you can't help but look at the receptionist intently hoping he will call your name. And then suddenly when you least expect it, you hear your name called out loud. You walk into the doctor's room. He directs you to a certain spot and measures your height. He then checks your weight. He makes you sit straight and then takes your blood pressure. He listens to your heart and lungs and orders a blood test for cholesterol and blood sugar. And just before you leave, he offers some advice on how you can lower risks for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. You get your reports the next day and everything is perfect. You don't need follow-up care. At least, not until next year.

What you just had was a full body health checkup. And while some people might just ignore it altogether, it gives you a certain peace of mind. Now usually these health checkups can cost you anywhere between ₹1,000 and ₹1,500. And if you're fairly regular with these checkups, it's going to weigh on your pockets consistently.

Once again, we know it's not a lot of money. But it wouldn't hurt if you save on these costs entirely. And that's why some insurers will pay for your health checkups. Okay, maybe they won't do it every year. But even if they do it once in 2 years it's still an added bonus, right?

While it’s not a deal-breaker, it is definitely nice to have a policy that offers you a free health checkup every year.

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