Domiciliary Expense

A deadly pandemic starts wreaking havoc. However, your job forces you to step out every day. And then suddenly, one day you wake up with a bad cold. You are coughing incessantly. You hope it’ll go away on its own. But then you have trouble breathing. Your condition deteriorates and you are forced to call the emergency services. But they tell you they can’t find a hospital bed. Your only choice is to obtain treatment at home. Some hospitals provide this facility. But it's going to cost you money. A lot of money!!!

And then a ray of hope. Your insurer tells you they will cover your expenses since you are forced to be treated at home.

It could be because of a specific condition or because the hospital couldn’t find you a bed — Like in this case. It’s rare to be in such a spot. But you are glad you have this facility nonetheless.

Another good-to-have benefit. But in most cases, you don’t have to go out of your way to find a policy that will cover domiciliary expenses.

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