Cover for Alternative treatments

You’re pushing 50 and you feel drained each day. You go to your physician and he tells you there’s nothing wrong. “It could be stress”, he exclaims. You are unsatisfied but you go home nonetheless. The next day however you bump into your neighbour. You start chatting and he suggests visiting a government certified Ayush Centre.

So you visit the facility and meet with the practitioners. They suggest getting an Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy — Panchakarma. It’s going to last 7–11 days and it’s going to cost you ₹25,000. That’s quite expensive you think. And then suddenly it hits, your health insurance policy covers Ayush treatments. So you sign off on the payment and get started immediately. Good thing, you remembered that little detail eh?

Ayush Coverage is a good-to-have feature. But remember, the policy will only cover these treatments so long as you’re hospitalized in a government certified Ayush facility.

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